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Ed Sheeran’s songs affected his friendships


Ed Sheeran has revealed that the personal nature of his songs has caused him to lose a few friends.  The Grammy-winning British singer said even though pouring his heart out into his music makes him feel “better”, his public honesty has not gone down well with everyone.

“There have been songs that ended friendships. But the whole point is to get s**t out and put it in a song so I feel better. It’s selfish, but people like it,” Sheeran told The Sunday Times Culture magazine. Asked which songs lost him friends, he added, “Ones that are spiteful.”

The singer deleted his Twitter account to steer clear from anything said about him.”If you were a massive musician in the 1960s, 1970s or 1980s, you’d avoid (the hate) because, by and large, people never say bad things to your face. I read online, though, and now people can hide behind a screen, you get true feelings. I’ve met many journalists who said stuff about me, but when you meet them, it’s all smiles,” Sheeran told The Sunday Times’ Culture magazine, reports