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Drunken fan misbehaves with Raveena in LA 


Raveena Tondon

Actress RaveenaTandon who recently visited Los Angeles to celebrate Independence Day, encountered a sad occurrence. The actress, who spent two days at LA, had to return with bad memories. Raveena who was on stage for the event, faced nasty remarks of a drunken man who got on stage and started misbehaving with the star. The security officials could not get hold of him until Raveena called for attention.

Apparently, Raveena did not keep mum about the unfortunate issue and took to social media to express her displeasure. The actress tweeted, “Some chap called Neeraj Agnihotri started misbehaving, and padding comments, sadly all security was down Nd couldn’t get to him first.”

“Started making nasty remarks till I had to yell out to the others to get some other guys up  … And that’s when they took him away! But yes.”

Further the star continued to rant, “Was 1of the organizers n was upset dat his kids didn’t get to travel in my car with me to the event, which security n protocol didn’t allow.”

The actress clearly didn’t tolerate this bad behavior, stood confident during the incident. The star shared, “I did give him a piece of my mind too… That’s no way to talk to anyone- when I didn’t even know what he was upset about…”

On the professional front, Raveena is in the news for her recent short film with actor Manoj Bajpayee, titled Jai Hind, and is making huge rounds amongst the masses. Bringing their magic together on screen again, the talented actors seem to have immensely impressed the audiences with their performances.