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Drug menace affecting country’s youth: Mandira Bedi


mandira bedimandira bedi

Mandira Bedi is concerned about the drug menace “affecting the youth of the country on a very large level”. The actress-designer says it’s time people do their bit by educating and informing others about its consequences.

The actress shared her views when she became a part of Say No To Drugs run organised by a lifestyle magazine to mark the World Drug Day.

“The whole drug issue is a menace and is affecting the youth of the country at a very large level. We all as the members of the society need to come out and do our bit by educating people and informing about the consequences,” she said.

Recently, “Udta Punjab” turned the spotlight on how the use of drugs is affecting the youth of the country. Mandira, who is a known for her powerful performances in TV shows like “Shanti – Ek Aurat Ki Kahani” and “24”, said: “I am not exposed to people who take drugs. When you lead a clean life, you do not see it around you. But it is a huge addiction which is not only harmful but can ruin people’s life. It actually pulls you down and takes you to that black hole from where it’s hard to look back.

“I would just like to say that we have a very strong mind and we are built with a certain kind of willpower to fight against it. So just live a clean life and say no to drugs.”