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Documentary chronicles Lady Gaga’s life


Lady Gaga says the new documentary, “Gaga: Five Foot Two”, is an authentic look at her life’s highs and lows as it lifts the veil behind her fame. Hours before the release of the Netflix documentary by director Chris Moukarbel, Gaga shared an emotional post with her fans about what the film meant to her.

“With ‘Gaga: Five Foot Two’, I found myself witnessing myself in a way I am unable to see on my own,” the pop star said in a lengthy statement on her social media page. “I felt proud, I felt sadness, I felt empowered, I felt vulnerable…but what struck me the most was the film’s authenticity in the way Chris, the director, chose to show my lowest lows, my highest highs, and the close relationship with my family that I clung to fiercely while writing my album Joanne.”

The documentary, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival recently, explores Gaga’s life on stage and behind the scenes. Gaga says the documentary will expose her complicated relationship with fame, which can be isolating while allowing a person the voice to spread messages of empowerment.