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Divya Khosla Kumar is a mommy first


She is a director, producer and a social worker. She has her hands in so many pies and yet, the one thing that has the ability to stop the world for Divya Khosla Kumar is her son Ruhaan.

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“I know my priorities, there is so much I want to give to this industry but there is more I want to do for my son, of course. He is someone who in his small cute ways has got me wrapped tightly around his finger. He has given me deadlines to get home, he has his morning rituals completely set around me.

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I just have to be the first person he looks at when he wakes up and of course, the last person before he sleeps. Ensuring he gets what he needs is my life purpose,” she smiled. Of course when you are a mommy, you are a mommy!