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Ditching the boring workout regime


Sleeping at odd hours, eating and odd hours and even working out at wrong hours is a part of the industries routine. Every actor has been through a tough time managing their schedules and fitting their work out time in a 24hour day. While some prefer sweating it out in the gym others have found some innovative ways of staying fit and losing the extra kilos.

However some actors challenge their will power and don’t shy away from going above and beyond their call of duty in their chase for fitness.

Tiger Shroff – He is so passionate about working out and maintaining his physique that he hits the gym regularly without a break. He also plays football and practice kickboxing and gymnastics to chisel his physique.

Monica Dogra – She have recently started doing Ashtanga Yoga, and long distance running. She usually does intense interval training, and swimming. She mixes all her workout regimes.

Karan Singh Grover – Karan would make sure he makes time to hit the gym. Karan would compromise on his sleep to ensure he makes time to do his workout. He streams on YouTube several fitness programs and exercises later creates his own Boot camp and does the training, no matter if he is at shoot or at home.

PurabKohli – Purabhas recently started doing parkour exercise to maintain his body. Parkour teaches us physical discipline, to respect the environment and development of the body. It requires a lot of hard work to do parkour training.

TaapseePannu – Taapsee was introduced to KravMaga, for all the stunts scenes she have performed in BABY. She enjoyed learning those tricks to which we recently heard that she is still sticking on to.

RichaChadha – Richa started learning Kalaripayattu for a play in 2014. Since then he have adopted it in her workout regime.  Kalaripayattu is an intense workout form.