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Dino Morea and Milind Soman talks about gym myths


Ditching conventional gym workout is not everybody’s cup of tea. These two hardcore fitness lovers have proved what it takes to stay fit without lifting weights in a gym.

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Dino Morea

He is the man who initiated the ‘Get Fit’ open gym concept straight onto the streets of Mumbai. Free for all, he has already established 14 such stations within the city. “Idea is to make at least a 100 and all over the city, all over India in fact. That’s the vision, slowly we will get there. I realised that besides running, there was nothing else that one could do to get fit. There was no facility of any kind to perform any exercise routine on the streets,” he says.

“To see kids working out at these stations is more than an assurance and an outstanding feeling that everyone is willing to adopt fitness and its various forms into their lifestyle. It is the only way ahead for India to get onto the international fitness map,” maintains Morea.

“What one must realise is that fitness is a wholesome thing that can change your entire being, the way you think! It builds confidence within you. Today there is a lot of information available online; all you need to do is follow it diligently, and not get into a six-pack fixation. It is all about doing a lot of basic stuff, like functional and body resistance agility training can prove to be effective. But training all the body parts is paramount to having a proportionate body.”

Dino believes our problem stems from giving too much importance to academics and not enough to fitness. “Lack of physical education and facilities is a critical cause. And, even on giving it a thought, many start and try to build their bodies in a hurry, often injuring themselves. Some attempt quick fixes using strange supplements and have far more serious complications. Though the challenges are many, all can be addressed by taking initiatives at an early stage.

Milind Soman

He is the Ironman of India, the only actor to have successfully finished the Triathlon in Zurich, which comprises of swimming, cycling and running over the course of 16 hours. MilindSoman completed it in 15hours, 19minutes and this at the age of 50! “People keep saying that they don’t have time to exercise. Though I am expected to be in shape since I am a model and actor, even I have hectic schedules that don’t allow me to exercise every day. One has to make that extra effort. It has to be ingrained from the very beginning. My parents have always encouraged me to be fit in life. I have always been involved in sports throughout my life. Even at my age, I feel like I am in my twenties and everyone should feel like that. Everyone must find time for themselves. Whenever they asked my mother why she was letting me concentrate so much on sports, what about his studies, she would say, he can do both. That’s what has become my idea of life. Work hard, play hard. My fitness mantra is simple: be active and eat healthy.”

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For someone who ran from Delhi to Mumbai, to create environmental awareness, Milind wonders why it is that people are not working their way around their lifestyles. “Running is a wholesome exercise; I really want to encourage women to take it up so that they will inspire their families. It is a fact that the woman sets the path for her family, it is the women of India who need change!”