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Dino Morea and designer Nandita Mahtani call off their relationship


Buzz has it that actor Dino Morea and designer Nandita Mahtani, who had been seriously involved for years now, have called time on their relationship. The rumours seemed confirmed when Nandi, as she is popularly known, took off on a vacation – solo!

Word has it the good-looking couple parted more than two weeks ago and it has not exactly been a smooth separation. Nandita is evidently very upset about it. This, even though she was supposedly the one who didn’t want to marry! While Dino wanted to settle down, Nandita is said to be still not ready to take the plunge and this could have been the reason for the friction in the relationship, which finally sounded its death knell.

For a bit of past history, Nandita had previously been married to Sunjay Kapur for five years before they broke up. Yes, that’s the same Sunjay who went on to marry and divorce Karisma Kapoor. Nandita allegedly later got involved with Ranbir Kapoor and the two were said to be very much in love; however the decade-long difference in age proved to be a hurdle that the relationship couldn’t survive.

Going by Dino’s genuinely nice guy reputation, we do hope better sense prevails and the ‘runaway bride’ sees reason. Wedding bells would be just the sound they need to hear!