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Diljit Dosanjh hoots for regional cinema


Diljit DosanjhDiljit Dosanjh

He is someone who bowled us over with his performance in UDTA PUNJAB,  his second film PHULLARI is also neatly wrapped up but DiljitDosanjh believes Bollywood is not the answer. For someone who is a sensation in Punjab Diljit insists that his priority will always be pnjabi films, however it is not only Punjabi cinema that he is rooting for…

“Look around you, everywhere, just see the kind of work people are putting in for regional cinema. Look at SAIRAT, the film knows no limits, it is simply going on breaking all records, why because regional cinema hasn’t remained what it used to be. It is not some technically unsound, patchy cinema anymore. We know the audience we cater to come to hear us speak in their mother tongue, but they are also used to seeing Bollywood films, so we people who are associated with regional films are those who ensure we are giving them good stuff. In a language that means something to them and content that they will take home with them. Today, I might not understand Marathi, but I cannot wait to see Sairat, simply because he has crossed the language barriers with its content. We are solely working towards giving you good cinema, we have our limitations but our hardwork and diligence more than makes up for it.” Diljit spoke so passionately about regional cinema that it made us all stop and wonder if we are actually not giving them their due!

“It is our work to change perceptions and we are going to go for it,” he assured.