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Diane Kruger talks about compromises in a relationship


Actor Diane Kruger said she has made “a lot of compromises” in her relationships in the past. The “In the Fade” actor, who is currently dating Norman Reedus, said she now believes in living in the present and does not worry about the future of her relationships, reported Female first.

“There are certain things I won’t accept anymore. I think when you’re in a long-term relationship, you start making excuses, and you’re making a lot of compromises – which obviously you need to make to make things work – but I think there are certain things that I’ve learned I don’t want to accept anymore. The older I get, it’s about focusing on the people that I have left: my mom, my brother, my grandfather and my boyfriend. I just want to be present in my life and not try to project so much into the future,” Kruger said.