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Deepika Padukone signing up Aanand L Rai’s next film


There is more to the news about Deepika Padukone signing up Aanand L Rai’s next than meets the eye…

There have been talks about how Deepika’s Hollywood escapade might have cost her some choicest films in Bollywood. To add to it, there seems like a constant speculation about how Kangana Ranaut has outshined everyone and zoomed past on the success ladder…

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There have been talks about how Deepika apparently slashed her price to get onboard of this film with Aanand L Rai since she needed to make the noise when she is back from her Hollywood jaunt, lest people think that her Bollywood standing is shaken with her long absence…

“There is something brewing for sure, because though it is being said in hushed whispers that Deepika slashed her prices for this film, before the word could be out there have been news articles stating Deepika has hiked her prices for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati. So any whiff of these stories coming out where nipped at the bud with this one. But Kangana being so close to Aanand L Rai, this film obviously is like Deepika making way into Kangana’s fortress. So it is bound to have rumours around it one way or another. But the fact is that Rai was scourging for an actress of the likes of a Parineeti Chopra all this while, what made his drop Pari for this film is a bigger mystery,” exclaimed our source.

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Now that we have had our interest piqued, we want the answers… and soon!