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Deepika Padukone: Beautiful inside-out


deepika padukone

Bollywood’s reigning Numero Uno heroine will soon give Hollywood hotties a run for their money! Yet her willingness to work hard and determination to reach greater heights are undiminished. Whether eating healthy or thinking healthy, she shares her tips in an interaction with Cine Blitz.

How do you strike a balance between eating out and eating healthy?

Olive in Mumbai or Sunny’s in Bangalore are my favourite eating places. I love having the Mediterranean food there – Tossed salad and steamed fish with grilled vegetables. Ping Pong in London offers healthy dim sums and is great to savour on. For fine dining, I’d pick Scalini in London. I love Italian food too.

Are you very particular about diet?

Actually, I believe in eating what you like but remember to pick healthy. I am someone who loves munching every other hour. So I also have smaller meals rather than one large meal. I am of course conscious about what goes in but if I am craving something I ensure I fulfil my craving.

Fame is temporary. How do you prepare yourself to handle living without it?

I know one day, all of this will go away. I am not scared of it all. It is the reality of life. Tomorrow there would be someone else at the position that I am at today. I am a very secure person…very family-oriented, and I don’t expect to be in the spotlight all my life. That is something that cannot happen and if anyone thinks that it can happen, then they are delusional.

Doesn’t it stress or pressurise you that people are expecting more and more from you?

Pressure? No. I understand one would expect an actor to get better and deliver a lot more with every film and I hope that I live up to that. I hope I can deliver to their expectations. However, I am not working with that intention… I am not working with the intention to impress – I am working from the heart. Every shot I do, every interview I do, every interaction I have, it’s straight from my heart and as long as it’s true, it will stand out.