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Deepika needs to learn from Priyanka


deepika padukone-priyanka chopra

As her loyal followers, we are amongst those who were applauding the loudest when the trailer of XXX, came out. Yes, Deepika looked stunning and we cannot wait to get a glimpse of all the tattoos she is sporting for the film. Yet, we cannot help but wonder will the other girl (Ruby Rose) be getting prominence in the film, after all she did manage to get a dialogue at the end of it.

Yes, while we are proud that our girls are going all out and stirring a storm abroad, we don’t want them to be a me-too and we are worried when we see only three glimpses of our Numero Uno out there in the wild wild west!

Given Priyanka Chopra and Deepika are being constantly compared we cannot help but wonder if the two should have a game plan to take over Hollywood completely. To begin with Deepika has to take a leaf out of Priyanka’s rule book and say it has to be her face flaunted on the posters of Baywatch else it is not that appealing. Not a request, but a rule. Take no exceptions to it. After all we are totally worth it aren’t we?

“The minute our girls decide to go abroad and make a mark, they ought to be ready for people to pull them down. There are always going to be someone out there telling them that they didn’t have an impressive role both Priyanka and Deepika are aware of that and are ensuring they meet the detractors well, it is only the first trailer that has hit the marquee by the time the second one is out, Deepika would be Hollywood,” claimed out trade analysts.