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Dear Indians, don’t wink, don’t laugh, you might be hurting religious sentiments!


The Indian Republic is a sovereign democracy (yeah, keep telling yourself that) and is a land where thousands of years of traditions and history is still relevant. As the Indians are still recovering from the scripted and managed farce over ‘Padmaavat’ (bravo job by Karni Sena), we now have a Malayalam film ‘Oru Adaar Love’ in the news for all the wrong reasons. The reason being this youthful student-centric romantic film has tarnished the great ‘Islam’ religion and has some lyrics in the song, which according to some Muslim fundamentalist groups is derogatory to Prophet Muhammad and his wife.

First of all, what is this controversy and why it is related to this Malayalam film and song? The song (Manikya Malaraya Poovi), which has gone viral on social media and its actress Priya Prakash Varrier (18 years old) has now become an internet sensation due to this song, which has nothing malicious in it, but it is a very sweet and innocent gesture of a girl who is goofing around with a boy (in a good way) and she seals the deal with a wink. Yes, a wink. Nothing more or nothing less. Priya has suddenly become the heartthrob of the young generation and every media house is running after her for the ‘exclusive’ interview. And, so far, Priya has come across as calm, dignified and intelligent girl.

Watch this video: Priya Varrier charming her way with a wink

India is a difficult country to govern with different casts, creeds, and religion always trying to impose their views, beliefs, diktats without any rational or reason. The Muslim groups grievances is that in the English translation it is coming across as an attack on (it is not true, please do a simple Google search) prophet’s wife Khadeeja Biwi and it is demeaning their culture. In India, you have every right to form your legitimate protest and no one is denying that. But, the main issue is if you ask any Keralite or Malayali they will say that there is nothing derogatory or offensive about the lyrics and in fact, it is showering praise and gratitude on Khadeeja Biwi and celebrating Muslim culture. Indian Muslim groups feel that they missed the bus when Padmaavat released as the film had shown Alauddin Khilji in a bad light (they have a point) and now they want to overcompensate with creating troubles for Oru Adaar Love.

Can anyone justify this hideous and offensive comments by some radical groups on Priya Varrier, who had no idea that her harmless wink could cause this huge uproar? Is it permissible in Islam to attack and bully a young girl and try to disrupt the pure form of art? Should Indian film-makers not make films because on every nook and corner some lunatic fringe group’s sentiments might be getting hurt and this is the easy way to garner some cheap political mileage? Kerala is a secular state and its film industry is tolerant, responsible and are law abiding citizens. It’s time that we stand up to the bullies who have nothing better to do but scare and fear monger people on religious lines.

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Oru Adaar Love film is getting dragged into this needless controversy and some sort of action must be taken against radical and fringe groups. You cannot hold every book, film, scripture, art to ransom for some vague religious reasons. If this film is getting the certificate from the CBFC then it has to be screened all over India without any disruption or cut. And more power to Priya Prakash Varrier, who is fighting stereotypes and archaic mindset. Her acting in that particular song has come as a breath of fresh air amid this toxic and bigoted mindset. Keep on winking, girl!