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Daisy Shah deserves a second chance


When Daisy Shah debuted in JAI HO, alongside Salman Khan everyone was amazed at her luck but anyone who has known the actress cum dancer, knows that there is more to Daisy than mere luck.

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While Bhai, her first costar, is often heard saying that Daisy is one of the most hardworking costars he has worked with, there are scores of people who completely assert Salman’s claim. “If you give Daisy a call time for 8am, for rehearsals she will be there at 8am. Being the fabulous dancer that she is, it would have been very easy to tell that she doesn’t need the rehearsals, she will come a little later to match the steps, but that’s just not her style of approach. She will be there on time and even practice the million times over, despite knowing the steps to the beat. It is remarkable to see someone so dedicated towards their craft,” exclaimed the studio owner who caught the star practicing even at wee hours in the morning for a dance show the actress was participating in.

Given her last release HATE STORY 3 was a year ago, it is really unfortunate that the producers are not lining up outside her house, “That is merely because Daisy wont be entertaining anything and everything, she knows what she is about and doesn’t mind waiting for the right opportunity. It is very easy to sign many films which don’t impress you, but money is not what satiates the artists. So she is waiting it out,” exclaimed the friend of the actress.

Here’s hoping she gets a due and soon….