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Daisy Shah can’t wait any longer


Remember during Jai Ho, Salman Khan kept talking about how hardworking Daisy Shah is…. Yet, it is already been a year since her last release Hate Story 3. There is nothing much happening on the film front of Shah but if you think she is losing hope, you have that wrong!

“I never did dream of being Salman Khan’s costar in a film, and yet I have been there. There is only one thing I know to do and that is work hard. Till I am ready to work hard there is really nothing that can stop me from achieving the best in life.

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Today it has been a year since my last release but I still have fans coming up to me and ensuring me that I still have a fan following and a very loyal bunch of people still want to see my films, I have a few projects in the pipeline and that’s more than I can wish for.

Yes, sometimes the wait gets a little tough but that’s a part and parcel of our career. Sometimes there is no time to breath sometimes you have a couple of days off,” she smiled through that statement. And all we can do is hope her hardwork pays off.