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Daddy Shahid Kapoor on duty


Cynical as we usually are, we have to admit that the latest revelation about Shahid Kapoor makes us love him a little bit more. The star recently revealed that he hates keeping a wallet on him; he finds it uncomfortable to be carrying it in his pocket.

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While he used to carry money on him before he became an actor, he started to rely on his manager to handle payments once his career in Bollywood picked up. That trait hasn’t changed but for one minor change – the one handling his payments is wife Mira!

In fact, it is so obvious that Shahid detests handling payments and never has any money on him, that Mira has to suggest he carry his card sometimes or people will feel that he is feeding her! We find that so refreshingly non-macho.

He went on to share that he has come to rely on Mira completely ever since they married. In fact, he went so far as to say that she is the one who keeps a tab on everything and that he is very happy to have her in his life.

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The once-keyed-up person is now evidently a lot more chilled out, more so since he became a daddy. Mighty crazy about his little daughter Misha, he revealed that he is already extremely protective of her. Apparently, whenever he and Mira go out with Misha and if he happens to see a toddler, he promptly instructs Misha to say hello to Bhaiya (big brother). Now that is taking his role as protector really seriously and a tad too prematurely!