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CRD movie: Review, Cast, Story, Director


Film: CRD

Cast: Saurabh Saraswat, Mrinmayee Godbole, Vinay Sharma, Abhay Mahajan, Isha Keskar and Geetika Sapna Rakesh

Director: Kranti Kanade

Rating: * *

This one is a strange panoply of ideas cloistered around performance theatre and the manner in which director Kranti Kanade has conceived it – plays out weird, confounding but also in a strange way, somewhat appealing. There’s a theatre competition at stake – ‘Purushottam,’ and previous winner, Fergusson college’s drama group has decided to present a play this year too.

Their reputation is at stake, they have to win at all costs so they go with the tried and tested. But a new entrant into the drama scene of the college, CRD a.k.a Chetan Ranjit Deshmukh (Saurabh), a young and enthusiastic writer who had no desire to act, is brave enough to challenge the establishment on that, despite having to go through bullying and shaming in the name of realism.

The narrative basically takes off from there giving the actors free rein to express themselves in unconventional and interesting ways. Unfortunately, there’s not much coherence in the staging of this high-minded theatrics.

CRD’s relationships with Persis (Mrinmayee) and Mayank (Vinay Sharma) are off-shoots of that loose assemblage. Are these actors living real or imagined lives? The lines here are blurred to the point where you can’t really tell one from the other. Director Kranti Kanade crams in as many current affairs into the sexual politics of performers in an effort to elevate the treacly piece-meal musings into something much more high-minded.

There’s no logical flow and the narrative swings to the beat of impetuousness throughout. By the end of it all, you are left wondering what exactly was going on here. It’s great for directors to want to make experimental, Avant-garde stuff but if all the elements don’t measure up to something weighty, all is lost. That’s what happens here. The actors are in earnest but their performances don’t make sense either. Be forewarned!