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Commercial cinema is making Apte tizzy!


Reluctantly everyone seems to be standing up to applaud Radhika Apte. The maharashtrian girl from Pune has slowly started winning hearts across parallel and commercial cinema. She is certainly a lot in demand, given her calibre of acting, it is obvious that she is not interested in restricting herself to a certain genre of cinema and is looking forward to enjoying them all. However, ‘all’ should have some definition she believes . the actress is certainly doesn;t have a stomach for commercial nonsense, especially stuff that is loud and garish.

According to the friends of the actress she finds it utmost cumbersome when the filmmakers expect her to act loud, “everyone has their own sensibilities, she has been studying acting and performing arts, she is someone who is a natural. See her in all her films, her biggest strength is that you relate to her no matter what kind of role she is playing, seeing her you identify with the character she is playing despite it being different each time.

But there is a film she has taken up which is really trying to ‘expand’ her horizons where tolerance is concerned. Let’s see how she survives that, depending on the response the film gets she will give the genre more thought,” shared her friend. We tried our level best to get him to blurt out more details but none were forthcoming.