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Comedian Sunil Pal slams Mubarakan Director Anees Bazmee in Facebook video for not paying his dues


Comedian Sunil Pal slams ‘Mubarakan’ director Anees Bazmee on Facebook, Sunil has posted a video on Facebook where he is greeting Anees with sarcastic remarks and goes on to describe the whole saga. He claims that Anees had disrespected ‘artists like him’. The comedian has told that Anees has called him to perform at family function many time but didn’t paid. Sunil also said that he agreed to perform on low amount what he charges as a respect to the filmmaker, but even Seven months he is yet to receive his sum.

Sunil Pal told “I have known Anees Bazmi for the past one and a half years. I often used to approach filmmakers for work and that time Anees Bazmi requested me to do this show. And then he told me in that we’ll work together. He had promised to give me Rs 51,000. Then after that he went to abroad for the shoot of Mubarakan and then they stopped taking my calls. His chela Mayur Barot used to answer the call and fool me. He used to make such excuses like. ‘Cheque is almost ready just the signature remains’ and what not!”

“Then Anees called me to meet him and asked me to forget about the money. When I warned him that I will take legal action, he said, ‘Tumhey jo karna hai kar lo!’ This continued for 6-7 months and he was very rude to me,” added Pal. Pal said that he finally decided to go public after his hopes to land a small part in Mubarakan too were dashed.