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Comedian Kapil Sharma’s big fat paycheck


They say that making people laugh is no laughing matter. The same seems to hold true for the kind of moolah, Kapil Sharma, the king of comedy is commanding in recent times. As per reports, he makes around Rs 60-80 lakhs per day for The Kapil Sharma Show.

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With this approximate, it is anywhere in the range of Rs 3.6 to 6.4 crore a month. And think of it, he makes that much every month from a show whereas they get it from a film in a year. So, it is not surprising to see them do more than a single film every year.

Kapil Sharma’s net worth has been on the rise since 2014-15. Reports suggested that he was charging Rs 40 lakhs for a single episode of Comedy Nights With Kapil. Sunil Grover is paid the highest after him. Obviously, the comedian runs a production company and has to look after the entire expenses of the creative and staff.