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Cinephiles await Second Edition of Russian Film Days



Starting November 15, Mumbai’s imposing Royal Opera House will see the grand inaugural of the second edition of Russian Film Days with the screening of “Very Best Day” (2015) directed by Zhora Kryzhovnikov.

Organised by the Cinemarus Production Company, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Russian Filmmakers Union, the Embassy of the Russian Federation to India, the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, and the Russian National Fund of Copyright Holders, the four day festival will then move to Cinepolis.

Entry to the festival is free and on a first-come, first-serve basis for cinephiles who will be treated to the best of the latest Russian cinema spanning various genres: sports drama “Versus” (2016) directed by Nurbek Egen, two comedy films “Good boy” (2016) directed by Oksana Karas and  “Friday” (2016) directed by Evgeny Shelyakin, the blockbuster “Icebreaker” (2016) directed by Nikolay Khomeriki), drama “Queen of  Spades” (2016) directed by Pavel Lungin and yet another 2016 box-office hit “The Crew” directed by Nikolay Lebedev.

Like the first Russian Film Days organised in 2015 by Neville Tuli’s Osians, the second edition will also be attended by leading actors Catherine Shpitsa, Elena Zakharova, Ieva Andrejevaite, Olga Filimonova, Alexander Pal, Sergey Chirkov; producers Vasily Solovyov, Igor Tolstunov and other members from the Russian film fraternity.

In addition to the screenings, the audience will get the opportunity to interact with the actors and directors who will visit a Bollywood Studio, attend a round table, as well as other social and business events. It may be noted that the first Russian Film Days was mentioned in a joint statement of the Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the framework of the BRICS summit in Goa.

Alexey Govorukhin, Executive Producer of the Russian Film Days, lauds Mumbai as the capital of the film industry of India and one of the most important economic and cultural centres of the country. “The Russian Film Days will contribute to the development of new relationships with the creative and economic elite of the country. It will help strengthen cooperation in the field of film making and also promote cultural exchanges and create a positive image of Russia as a strategic partner of India with the help of cinema.”

Maria Lemesheva, General Producer of Russian Filmfest, Admin of the Russian Filmmakers Union and Editor-in-chief for Russia of The Hollywood Reporter hopes that “this year too, the audience embraces the films as enthusiastically, especially because we bring some of the most exciting movies from Russia. Together with our partners we do everything possible to create and deepen the interest of the Indian audience towards Russian cinema and to establish close ties between the film industries of both countries.”