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Cinema has made Shruti Haasan stronger


That’s the spirit: The Haasan girl is not the one to break down under pressure

The glitz and glamour of cinema can change a person, but not the multifaceted Shruti Haasan, who believes it has only made her stronger. She says she is still the same person who enjoys doing what she likes and remains accessible to her friends.

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Shruti sees cinema as more than just as a job. “It becomes your world when you see it as art,” Shruti told IANS, and added that the frills and facade of the industry has never affected her. I’ve been acting for eight years. When I look back, I realise cinema has made me stronger. Nothing else about me has changed despite growing up as the daughter of Kamal Haasan and Sarika. I’m still the same person for my friends and I still enjoy doing what I like,” she said.

Shruti had a shaky start to her career, with films such as “Luck”, “Anaganaga O Dheerudu” and “7am Arivu” not doing well. She doesn’t regret doing these films. “In these films, I did the best I could and followed the instructions of my directors. An actor can’t be solely responsible for a film failing or succeeding. The fate of a film depends on so many other factors,” she said.

Shruti also doesn’t look at failures like others do. “What people see as a big failure, I don’t necessarily look at it the same way. I’m proud of films like ‘Oh My Friend’ and ‘7am Arivu’ because they were special. Something about them stands out even today,” she said.

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It was with Pawan Kalyan’s Telugu actioner “Gabbar Singh”, a remake of “Dabangg” that Shruti catapulted to the big league. Basking in the success of “SI3”, the third part in the “Singam” franchise, Shruti feels proud to be part of the series. “The reception has been wonderful. The success of ‘Singam’ franchise is proof of how much people have enjoyed the series,” she said.

Shruti wants to continue working across industries and strongly believes in the reach of commercial films. “I will try and do roles that interest me. I have no qualms of being part of commercial cinema because I believe there’s great reach in such films,” she said.