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Chris Martin thinks fasting improves his creativity


chris martin-coldplay

London: Coldplay frontman Chris Martin fasts one day a week because he thinks it makes his music better. The 38-year-old singer said he opts not to eat once a week because it improves his levels of creativity.

“I fast one day a week and creativity is a benefit of it. I started when I was sick one time. This guy said to try not eating for a day, he told me it would make my body feel
healthier. “It did and I found I could sing better and I also felt more grateful for food and everything else in a way that I  wasn’t so much before.”

Despite this, Martin revealed he is still prone indulging his taste buds through the rest of the week.”You are supposed to go for something healthy like a kale salad, but I tend to have Nutella and pancakes, which is terrible and completely defeats the point, but I am doing the first bit.”