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Chetan Bhagat’s new chapter 


Chetan Bhagat

…No, it’s not a book but his new video Q&A on Twitter! Trust the market-savvy Bhagat to make waves, answering fan queries with personalised Twitter videos. The most followed Indian author on Twitter with a whopping 7.39 Million followers, Chetan took time out to open up the book of his life in an interactive Q&A session from the Twitter BlueRoom.

chetan bhagat twitter

Using the #AskChetan, voracious Indian readers enquired about his personal life as well as future plans. Chetan happily supplied the answers, replying to their tweets with personalised video responses. He talked about how he definitely plans to include a number in his next book, his favourite novel, the struggles he faced, why he wouldn’t want to act in his own movies and his upcoming book that he has written from a girl’s perspective which is coming out in October.

Some of his revelations were… “I ask people how they liked the book, and watch them defend my book without realising it’s me”, “My next book’s title will have a number, wait for two more weeks to find out”, “I’m okay with writing about politics rather than joining it”, “I don’t take either praise or criticism too seriously” and “It took me two years to find a publisher”. With screenwriting and television already embraced, one wonders what field the best-selling author, columnist and motivational speaker will attempt next – 70mm acting?!