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Charlize Theron loves exercising


Actress Charlize Theron says she has a set fitness regime and follows it to stay fit. The 41-year-old actress says she undergoes two 90- minute power yoga sessions and attends spin classes “three to four times” every week to stay in shape, reported Red magazine. “I work out three to four times a week. I love anything outdoorsy,” says Theron.

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The “Fast and Furious 8” star reveals she does not treat exercising as a “chore” as she has found ways in which she can have fun. “I’ve always believed if you find something you love, exercise won’t be a chore. If you do exercise you enjoy you’re keeping yourself fit without even realising it,” she says. Theron says she has “juices and kale and green salads every day” to stay fresh and upbeat.