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Change is inevitable: Amitabh Bachchan


He has been in the business for the longest time and to be able to evolve and embrace the changes that time brings is something we all should learn from the man himself.

“Corporatisation was inevitable. Whether it is successful or not, time will tell. But it is an essentiality. It brings in professional culture, administration and accountability; a most urgent and mandatory need. There is the obvious technological change – equipments, innovative machinery that makes work less cumbersome, computerisation etc – but most important of all, there is no ‘film’. That roll of celluloid has become redundant; all work is now on digital.

The immediate effect of that is change in our vocabulary. Words like celluloid and film that entered the domain of cinema are now absent and gone. Moving with the times is a clichéd observation, but factually quite relevant. Society, morals, political, geographical changes are observed by creators of cinema story tellers and they start reflecting in their work.

Speed of communication has evolved. The number of editing cuts in earlier films would be much less than what we notice now. The power of the ‘stay’ has reduced. Audiences do not have time for that. Instant or rapid progress is appreciated and therefore the method of story-telling changes.

This brings in change in performance, in direction, in writing.Missing the past would be something that I would and will discuss by the fireplace on a rocking chair with my grandchildren. No point doing it here.

Where will it get me? Though, I must admit, I do go into nostalgia when I work these days and mention earlier working conditions – sites, venues, with the younger generation – who look and hear me patiently, but I know what they are actually thinking is ‘When is this old man going to shut up’!My views would be a little conservative. I would say that change is inevitable and its necessity, a limited inevitability!We shall all have to at some point or the other.

To what degree, shall and will be an individual decision.My work is sedimentary. But yes, theyounger generation fills me with great admiration. They are all so talented, prepared and confident of what they do. It gives me great joy and happiness when I encounter their work, and I am amazed at their capacity and capability. Truly, brilliant! I watch them with great interest; to learn, to pick up their craft and to know what is missing from my efforts.”