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Caution: Hotness ahead! 



People woke up to her charm in Hate Story 3, now they are about to lose their hearts. The bootilicious Zarine Khan in conversation with Shubarna Mukerji Shu .

We will soon see Zarine Khan in some upcoming films, music videos and other shows too… For someone whom people had written off, this young lady has suddenly become the face young boys are seeing in their dreams. How did this ‘fat, forgotten’ girl become the dream girl, we had to ask…

It seems like there’s been a change in Zarine Khan and not just physically…
You think so? Well, I am the same me. When I started off with VEER, I was younger of course, but within me I was pretty much the same person I am today. Nothing has changed within me to change me. If today, people come to me and tell me that I seem to be brimming with positivity, well it was always there, it was they who were blind not to see!

There are many girls out there who are starving themselves to become ‘acceptable’ in society. What do you have to say about this mentality?
Just to put the record straight, I have to tell you that when I got VEER, I never really thought I was going to be a film actress. When I got the chance I, of course, did everything that I was asked to do. I began my career playing an 18th century princess. In those days there was no concept of size zero. People were comfortable in their own skin. In fact, voluptuous women were more sought after and that is exactly what I was asked to depict. Hence I decided to go put on some weight.

Of course, when the verdict was out and people just lashed out at me, they were so mean and deriding I didn’t know what I had done wrong. I was trying to be true to the character I was playing. Soon afterwards, there came a film wherein an A-list actress put on a lot of weight and she was applauded. I didn’t know how what I did became wrong and what she did became so appreciated. Why was I getting the flak? But hey, I am someone who just persists on doing what I think is right. So I went on ahead with my work, eventually of course I lost the weight because I had only put it on for the film and then with ‘Character dheela…’ when people saw me, they were like ‘Wow, she is looking good!’ All I have to say is ‘Good morning, sleepy heads!’

Well, you can say that again, with HATE STORY 3 people have not only woken up to Zarine Khan they are ogling, drooling and falling over themselves to get a better glimpse!
Well, this is me. This is the real me. I am not an 18thcentury princess. I am a girl from Bombay, born and brought up in the Bandra suburbs. I speak English, Hindi and even Marathi fluently and I am hot! If people are just realising it, well that doesn’t change me; that changes them, and their perspective.
Of course, there are some out there who are turning around and saying ‘Oh! Poor girl is not getting work and hence doing these films!’ But those are people who have nothing good to say about anyone either ways.

Do you think that all this flak that you received is because people thought you had a solid Khan backing?
First and foremost, what is this backing that you are talking about? Yes, had it not been for Salman Khan I would have not been an actress. I would not have thought I had it in me to be one. He did show faith in me. He did help me tremendously. I will always look upto him and if ever I am in a situation and I need help, I know he is just a phone call away. But hello! I cannot and will not be going and plonking all my problems at his doorstep all the time. It is not something I do, or will do. I have a lot of respect for him, and I know I have his support if I ever did need it but that’s that.

Here, in this film industry he did introduce me but that’s where I say thank you and move on to make my own journey. I cannot bother him with more than that.

Do you think it would have been easy had you started off small… and then grown?
Ifs and maybes are not my style; I am here to do some good work. I am here to work hard and that’s about all I am capable of doing. For me, it is important that I deliver what is expected of me. For someone who people wrote off, there are people out there who have shown faith in me, seen me as someone who has a certain appeal… I am here to prove them right.

For everything I have done so far – it might not be much in the eyes of the media – but I have a few people who are out there following me in earnest. They are wishing me well, and standing by me if not physically then through social media posts etc… These are my strengths and these are my fans, my people. I am here for them, and here to prove them right.

Anything that you would like to tell these people who have stood by you?
It might be two little words, but it is heartfelt. I want to tell them a big THANK YOU!