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Casting couch, sexual hypocrisy happen worldwide: Sunny Leone


Sunny LeoneSunny Leone

There’s a certain innate honesty about Sunny Leone that comes across even when discussing potentially tricky topics like the casting couch and sexual hypocrisy. As to the former, she reveals that it happens all over the world, not just in India. She points out that with her background, it’s hard to believe but the fact is that she has worked with the best but always on her terms.

Nothing so bad ever happened that compelled her to pack her bags and never return. Sunny admits that bad things did happen, and there were situations that she didn’t handle properly as well. Misunderstandings occur but you learn from your mistakes as time passes, she shrugs.

Talk about Indian men and she shares that men are pretty much the same regardless of the colour of their skin or the country they are from. She sums them up as simple creatures who are not that difficult to figure out! Speaking of sexual hypocrisy, she believes that it exists in most cultures. With time, however, people’s mindsets are changing and the collective voice through the print and digital media which works towards change.