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Casting couch is predominant : Raveen Tandon


Raveena tandon

Mumbai : But no one’s taking advantage of innocent girls, tells actress Raveena Tandon to Shubarna Mukerji Shu

With the growing number of indecent incidences against women coming to light, we chanced upon asking veteran actress Raveena Tandon about the film industry. And being completely honest, the actress revealed that though it is sadly prevalent in the film industry, but at the end of the day it is the aspiring actors’ choice!

Raveena said, “I think that’s perhaps the only area where women are taken for granted. All the talk about the casting couch and item numbers reducing the value of a woman and objectifying her is bull-crap. The fact of the matter is it is a choice, if someone tells you that you have to sleep with someone to get a role in the film, and you go ahead and do it, it is a choice you have made. You have agreed to sleep with that person, so why feel violated now? How were you violated if you consented to sleep with that person? See, the choice is in your hands – you wait for an opportunity wherein you have someone who gives you a film on your own merit or you compromise. Once you have made that choice there is no point lamenting about things, because it is something that has been happening from time immemorial and in every sector.”

She further added saying, “I personally know of girls, airhostesses, who have been asked to skip a route because the pilots took the term ‘lay-offs’ very seriously and thought they would be sleeping with these airhostesses and when the girls refused, they were branded as non-co-operative and not fit to fly. So let’s not be under any misconceptions regarding the cursed casting couch. Yes, it is predominant but no, it is not taking advantage of any unsuspecting girls.”