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Caring for Kareena Kapoor!


So she’s in the final month and Bebo’s baby could put in an appearance any minute. But that hasn’t stopped the gorgeous mom-in-the-making from working the party circuit especially when the party in question is in honour of her bestie, Manish Malhotra. Onlookers at the designer’s 50thbirthday bash only looked away from the glowing, gorgeous Kareena, to note how discreet yet caring husband Saif Ali Khan was, as he stuck close by her side.

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Even as Kareena flashed her best smiles for the phalange of photographers, it was Saif who protectively escorted her from the car to the door. When she prepared to mount a flight of steps be was right behind her in case she needed help. And between him and her accompanying sister Karisma, who also hovered nearby, this expectant mommy could just beam her best smiles, basking in the security blanket – she’s all covered