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Captain Marvel: Here’s the first look of Marvel’s first female superhero


After Thanos eliminated half of the world’s population including many of our superheroes, Captain Marvel is the person everyone is looking for. Nick Fury paged Captain Marvel in the post credit scene of Avengers Infinity War because he knew that all the existing superheroes will need help to defeat the big bad Thanos.

Captain Marvel is the first female superhero from MCU. After Wonder Woman proved a female superhero movie can make big bucks in box office. Thus a lot is expected from Captain Marvel. Now, after having a look at Captain Marvel, we can say things will get even tenser for Captain. In the first look Brie Larson can be seen all suited-up.

Entertainment Weekly a known Hollywood magazine revealed the first look of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in the movie. In an interview with Entertainment weekly, Brie said, “She can’t help but be herself. She can be aggressive, and she can have a temper, and she can be a little invasive and in your face. She’s also quick to jump to things, which makes her amazing in battle because she’s the first one out there and doesn’t always wait for orders. But the [not] waiting for orders is, to some, a character flaw.”

Captain Marvel takes place in mid-90s, long before Steve Rogers became Captain America. The film is directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. Brie Larson or Carol Danvers will already have her powers since the beginning of the movie.