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Bruce Willis gears up to reprise ‘Die Hard’ role


Bruce Willis is all set to return as John McClane in the next installment of “Die Hard”. The movie, a part-prequel, part-sequel, will be directed Len Wiseman, who confirmed the return of Willis.

Wiseman’s movie will be a parallel story featuring Willis in his iconic role as McClane in the present day and a new actor playing the vigilante during his younger years as a New York cop. “The right casting for this role is crucial. Those bare feet have some very big shoes to fill,” Wiseman told Deadline.

Wiseman previously directed the 2007 film “Live Free or Die Hard”. Willis, who first appeared as McClane in 1988 hit, last played the role in 2013 movie “A Good Day to Die Hard”, which did not generate good reviews. The actor is also working on reviving another character. He is returning to M Night Shyamalan’s sequel to “Unbreakable”, which will reunite him with co-star Samuel L Jackson as they fight James McAvoy’s Beast from “Split”. The movie is titled “Glass”.