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Brie Larson wants women to take risks


Brie Larson says she wants women to be fearless and develop the quality of taking risks in life. The 27-year-old actor, who turns director with “Unicorn Store”, which arrives in cinemas later this year, says the idea of filmmaking is not about her personal success, reports Contactmusic.

“I just want women to feel like they can take the risk. Actually, it’s not even just women: it’s everybody who wants to do something and feels like they’re not allowed to do it…For me, the idea of directing is not about success for me personally. It’s about putting more pieces on the board. So my hope is that women can watch it, and they can go like, ‘If she did that, I can do better than that’,” says Larson.

The Oscar winning-actor will next be seen in “The Glass Castle”, a story about an author’s complex relationship with her unconventional father, played by Woody Harrelson.