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Box office ratings don’t affect Pulkit Samrat


The actor talks to NIKITA WADHAWAN about pressure of sequel, highs and lows of his career and much more…

Actor Pulkit Samrat has come a long way since his debut in Bitto Boss (2012). The Delhi boy has mostly been a part of ensemble movies but somehow made people sit up and take notice. His real breakthrough came with the sleeper hit Fukrey, and now the Chucha and his team are back with their madness in Fukrey 2. “Fukrey 1 is such a movie now that plays on TV every other day. And if someone changed the channel then there is a fight. People actually remember all the dialogue of the film. So, we are back to recreate the magic” says Pulkit when asked why they decided to make a sequel. Excerpts from the interview:-

Is there a pressure with the sequel?

We were under pressure with the thought that we have to make a sequel.  There are expectations of better quality, even we had expectations that it has to be better than the first. But if we started with that pressure than, we could have never been able to achieve what we have achieved, with this film. We could do it because we had a lot of fun. From day one, the entire cast, was the same. We never felt that 4 years had passed away.

What went into retaining the essence of the first film but giving something new?

We never tried to do things differently. As it is a sequel, where we left the movie, it has stared from there. If start to do something different we would lose the essence. Honey, Chucha all are remain the same. Yes, we are coming after 4 years, but we are starting from where they left.

What about being repetitive?

No that the writer took care of. But for us it was only about playing the characters which was also difficult, but once we came together it all fell into place.

When you started all were fresher, but now you all have grown so has the equation changed with everyone?

After Fukrey 1, everyone has been on their own journey. Initially, I thought maybe people would have different acting style, capabilities, egos and everyone would be a different person. But once we all came together we all started from where we left. All these feelings were only before the shoot started. But the camaraderie has not changed

Did you guys want to make it bigger than the first part in terms of scale and presentations?

The scale is bigger. We had much better locations. A lot of virgin locations from Delhi, which I being from Delhi did not know of. The main aim was that Bhoomi ka jo threat hai vo aur zayada hiona chaiyia.

Who would you say is you are closest to?

Everyone is very close to Manjot. But if you ask us, that would be Mrigdeep Singh Lamba (director). As without him Fukrey is not possible. On the set we hate him, off the set we love him.

After the high of Fukrey 1, there came a lull in your career. Do you think this movie can make you bounce back?

I don’t know just keep working with the same hope that people should like my work. Now it depends, every film has its own destiny. I am hoping that if my destiny is bad at least because of Manjot’s destiny it works. Manjot is the luck charm.

Were you disappointed with the failure of ‘Sanam Re’?

No yaar. Everyone who has been ruling the industry today like Salman Khan, SRK or Amitabh Bachchanji, I have learnt one thing from them – to keep working, irrespective of a hit or a flop. When you see their film trajectory, you will see that they have more flops than hits. So a film’s report that the box office doesn’t matter that.

What keeps you going in your low phase?

Not thinking that it is a low phase. Until you are working, how can it be a low phase?

Do you now want to continue with the comedy genre or would love to do romantic films again?

You always want to do all types of films. But then you have to choose from what is offered to you. You just have to make sure that it is not repetitive. But I am so new now that luckily people have not formed a fixed image of me in their mind. I can still experiment.

What is next for you in the acting space?

I will be starting Paltan with JP Dutta soon. We will start shooting for it next month

How is the preparations going for that?

I am still busy with Fukrey. Once I am down with it, then will start the prep for Paltan.

Has your perception about the industry changed from when you started to now?

No, I am still in awe of the industry. It is the make believe world that I fell in love with and I am still in love with it.

Do you have a list of people you want to work with?

Yes. Want to work with people like Zoya, Farhan and many others.