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Bollywood’s rakhi notes


Bollywood unlike Hollywood is known for his familial vibes, everyone is someone’s uncle but when it comes to blood it is always thicker than any other relationships. Today we are talking about some popular siblings who have always made us curious, some who might not be celebrities but sure are heading there, like Saif Ali Khan’s kids and King Khan, SRK’s bachchas.

Ekta & Tusshar Kapoor…
Anyone who knows these two know that there have been many times during their growing up days when their chemistry has changed. While Ekta Kapoor who has single-handedly brought up the whole Balaji Enterprise is often considered the more successful of the two, Tusshar seems to be the more loving of the two siblings.

“With Tusshar, becoming a father recently when he adopted a child suddenly the rapport between the siblings have changed considerably, suddenly Tusshar has become more mature than he was. Carrying for a child and bringing a baby up isn’t the easiest thing and he is trying his best to be hands on for the child. Since the family has always been very thick, he has all their support but at the end of the day, he is the one who has become the father, so it is lovely to see who the interactions between the siblings have changed,” quipped a friend of the Kapoors. “From Ekta being the mature entrepreneur Tusshar seems to have become the more mature one!”

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Priyanka & Siddharth…
She is the one who has wowed the world while Priyanka’s younger brother has to live under her shadow all his life, yet he seems to be the one person Priyanka misses the most when she is travelling abroad. Staying in Pune currently, Siddharth has made his own success out there with his Lounge, Mugshot so Priyanka hardly gets to spend time with him while she is shooting for her films in Mumbai. “I still remember when we were younger we used to be in each others hair and now we have to communicate via my mother because we have hardly got the time to be together. When i am in Bombay i frequent Pune but it is my mother who spends time between Siddharth and me, so we catch up via her,” explained the Quantico sensation, Priyanka Chopra.

Shraddha & Siddhant Kapoor...c glam anchor 2
Agreeing with Priyanka, Shraddha Kapoor too claims her job has totally made it difficult for her to spend any time at all with her brother who himself is an actor. “He is so busy with his work, I am travelling with mine. Just having a meal together seems so difficult these days. It is funny but earlier he was my Mr. Know-All. It is due to him that I am familiar with so many varied kinds of cinema and works, he really helped me widen my horizon, but today I have been able to tell him stuff too, that’s what siblings are for… taking over each other’s life from time to time and loving it,” shared Shradda.

Star kids who are already in the limelight…

Sara and Ibrahim…c glam anchor 3
Recently we caught up with the gorgeous brother-sister duo at father Saif Ali Khan’s birthday bash. While they blue blood sure seems to give them a gorgeous glow, there seems a lovely camaraderie between the two of them. “If you see Sara and Ibrahim, there is a lovely ease despite the age difference, of course Sara being older is all there and Ibrahim is still a little shy but together they are lovely to watch. The most well-mannered kids, with a ready smile and a polite word for all,” quipped our source, who had the chance to observe the duo at the party. “They mingled around through the party separately but there is an unmistakeable bond between them which is very obvious, they don’t go on talking about each other, but they sure seem to have each other’s back!”

Given Ibrahim was really small when his parents decided to go separate ways, he seems to have taken everything very well in his stride, whereas Sara had a lot of eyeballs on her wondering what would be her reaction but the kids have really taken it all really well, all credit to the parents of course for bringing them up so beautifully.

Aryan – Suhana – AbRam…
SRK’s trio have always hogged the limelight. Whatever they do, they are always in the news. Be it Aryan’s abs or Suhana’s bikini bod, of course AbRam’s dimples too have been discussed and dissected till their popularity rivals that of their father (exaggeration but amongst starkids these are the most popular ones)

All the pictures of the family that are being shared on social media clearly state a tight bond between the three of them, given AbRam is so much younger, the elder two have taken to him rather lovingly. “So many times you see their holiday photos and it’s obvious that the three of them don’t need anyone else to have a good time which is how siblings should be,” shared a friend of the family.  “With Aryan now preparing for his Bollywood debut, he might not have that much time but he sure does spend a lot of time with his siblings when he is down.”