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Bollywood’s Forgotten Stars: 8 Interesting facts about Boogie Woogie’s judge – Ravi Behl


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Bollywood industry has always been introducing new talents to our audiences. We have seen many strugglers trying their hard luck to maintain their position in this glamorous industry. However, only a few of them get wide recognition.

Amidst all this, there are many B-town newcomers who have a strong connection in Bollywood and create big mark in the industry. But notably, they do have a big responsibility to maintain. Sadly, amongst all, there are many B-town connected people have lost their path in the industry and remained unsuccessful forever. And one of those stars is Ravi Behl.

Ravi Behl has been seen in many Bollywood films but couldn’t manage to taste the success and remained forgotten for all. So, today, let’s take a look at some of the interesting facts about Ravi Behl.

  • Ravi Behl is the son of producer Sham Behl and brother of actress Geeta Behl.
  • Ravi made his acting debut from the film, Inteha in 1984. The actor has worked in many popular films like Agni Sakhi, Narsimha, Dalaal and so on.
  • Ravi couldn’t get much success in Bollywood, hence he started working in the TV industry.

  • Ravi was first seen on TV in a popular dance reality show Boogie Woogie with Javed Jaffrey and Naved Jaffrey.
  • Interestingly, Ravi also worked as a producer on the show Boogie Woogie.
  • Ravi has a major filmi background. His father Sham Behl was the nephew of actor Rajendra Kumar. Sham Behl was Shukla (Rajendra wife,) brother’s son. Sham Behl and director Ramesh Behl were brothers.

  • Ravi Behl is still unmarried. In an interview with Tellychakkar, Ravi had said, “A lot of people are surprised that I’m still unmarried. It’s not that I haven’t tried. I was seeing a girl for a long time but unfortunately, our relationship didn’t blossom into marriage. We had our differences.”
  • Ravi was once very much financially unstable but working in TV had given a boost to his career. In an interview with Tellychakkar, he said, “Working on television brought me financial stability which Bollywood wouldn’t have given me. Thus, I chose to stick to television”.

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