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Bollywood’s Forgotten Stars: 10 things you must know about Pardesi song fame – Pratibha Sinha


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Bollywood is nothing but a gamble of stars where every struggling actor or actress try their luck hard to make their position strong in the industry. However, among them, there are some actors who are born with the golden spoon as they have already come from the strong filmi background.

Sadly, only a few of them get a taste of success. And one of them is none other than veteran actress Mala Sinha’s daughter, Pratibha Sinha. Right now, Pratibha Sinha is nowhere in the limelight and has become one of the forgotten stars of Bollywood.

But, as you all know, we won’t let you forget her memories. Thus, we have brought some things you must know about this not so popular actress – Pratibha Sinha.

Take a look

  • Pratibha Sinha was born on July 4, 1969, to actress Mala Sinha and C. P. Lohani, a former businessman from Nepal.

  • Pratibha made her debut into Bollywood in 1992, with the film Mehboob Mere Mehboob, but sadly it did not get much popularity.
  • However, apart from acting, Pratibha is still known for her songs like Pardesi Pardesi song (Raja Hindustani) and Hungama Ho Gaya (Deewana Mastana).

  • Pratibha was also in the news for her love affair with an already married musician, Nadeem Saifi, who is one of the musician duo Nadeem-Shravan.
  • Reportedly, Pratibha’s mother, Mala Sinha opposed their relationship and she forcefully went as far as moving with Pratibha to Chennai, where she could monitor her own daughter and stop her from talking to Nadeem.
  • Pratibha and Nadeem were deeply in love with each other as they gave code words to each other, Ambassador and Ace, respectively.
  • Shockingly, when Pratibha came back to Mumbai, she revealed to a journalist that she never wanted to marry Nadeem.
  • Pratibha’s statement gave a big shock to Nadeem as he was about get divorced from his first wife Sultana to marry Pratibha.
  • Pratibha also remained in news for her bold photoshoots for a brief period of time.

  • Pratibha still lives with her mother and takes care of her.