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Bollywood’s Forgotten Stars: 10 things to know about Salman Khan’s first co-star Bhagyashree


There must be hardly anyone who doesn’t know Salman Khan’s first super hit film Maine Pyaar Kiya. The film has given a superstar of Bollywood. However, there is one more star who came in the limelight from the film. And it is none other than, Suman aka Bhagyashree. The actress had also become an overnight star after the film got a humongous success at the box office.

But unlike Salman, Bhagyashree suddenly vanished from the film industry after giving such a big hit in 1989. Thus, the actress is still unknown to today’s young generation. Hence, we bring some interesting unknown facts about this forgotten star of Bollywood.

  1. Bhagyashree comes from a very conservative Marathi speaking, Patwardhan family. Her full name is like a royal queen, Bhagyashree Raje Patwardhan. Her father is the former Maharaja of Sangli.
  1. Bhagyashree had lived in a conservative background during her childhood as she had to get come back to the house before sunset.

  1. Many of us know that she started her career from Maine Pyaar Kiya, but before the film, she acted in several TV serials like Kaachi Dhoop, Honi Anhonee and Kisse Miya Biwi Ke.
  1. After Maine Pyaar Kiya, she didn’t look back to Bollywood and did six films in other languages. She did two films from Bangladesh, two in Kannada and two in Telugu.
  1. Maine Pyaar Kiya could’ve been an ideal step to popularity, but the actress got married to her boyfriend, Himalay Dassani. The couple has two children Avantika Dasani, Abhimanyu Dasani.

  1. Post-Maine Pyaar Kiya, Bhagyashree was conditionally offered to act in movies provided a lead role was provided to Himalay. The duo even appeared together in three films i.e. Qaid Main Hai Bulbul, Tyaagi and Paayal. However, all three films tanked at the box office.
  1. Many of didn’t know that Bhagyashree made her Marathi film debut in 2009 with the romantic comedy film Zhak Marli Baiko Keli.

  1. Bhagyashree has a strong command over the Sanskrit language. She did her primary education in Sanskrit only.
  1. Bhagyashree wanted to be a lawyer since childhood but due to the unsystematic law system of India, she got disappointed and changed her mind.
  1. Shockingly, for Maine Pyaar Kiya, Bhagyashree got Rs 1 lakh whereas Salman got Rs 30,000