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Bollywood’s Forgotten Stars: 10 shocking facts about ‘Bal Bramhachari’ Puru Raajkumar


Bollywood Industry is nothing but an example of the place of uncertain things happened with stars as well as other working people in the industry. This Indian Film Industry has given many new talents to the audiences but there are some actors in the late 90s, whose debut was over-hyped by the media, but later, they couldn’t manage to make a mark in the industry.

Yes, we are talking about one of those stars, Puru Raajkumar. A son of late legendary actor, Raajkumar, Puru has always been to make a justice to his father’s stardom. However, things getting worst into his career and Puru Chibber become one of the forgotten stars of Bollywood.

But as you all know, we won’t let you forget him as we have brought some of the shocking facts about Raajkumar’s unpopular son, Puru Raajkumar.

Take a look

  • Puru Raajkumar debuted with the film Bal Bramhachari opposite Karisma Kapoor in 1996. Though the film was bombed at the box office, Puru got noticed by the audiences and gained popularity.

  • The tragedy happened with Puru when his father Raajkumar died just before some months of his first debut film.
  • It is said that his real name was Puruva Pandit which he changed before entering into the film industry.
  • Puru Raajkumar has studied in Economics, Psychology and Theatre from Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania.
  • Puru is himself a very adventurous person. He loves to do rock-climbing, horse riding, scuba diving, tennis, and squash.

  • After father, Raajkumar’s death, Puru Raajkumar took a sabbatical from acting for three years and made a comeback from the film like Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai in which he played a negative role.
  • Many of us know that Salman Khan got trapped in his famous 2002 Hit and Run Case. But do you know, before Salman, Puru has done this crime in which he killed two sleeping pavement dwellers and injured some of the people. However, unlike Salman, Puru didn’t get convicted in the hit and run case.
  • Puru Raajkumar was considered for the role of Prakash played by Sharad Kapoor in Josh. However, due to some misunderstandings with the makers, he refused to do the film.

  • Puru got married to Koraljika Grdak who he was known for many years.

  • Shockingly, Puru Raajkumar’s sister Vastavikta Pandit got into the news for wrong reasons. Reportedly, actor Shahid Kapoor lodged a complaint against her at the Versova police station for allegedly stalking him.