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Bollywood’s Forgotten Stars: 10 Interesting facts about ‘Love Story’ fame Kumar Gaurav


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We have been giving you many interesting yet unknown information about Bollywood’s forgotten stars like Ayesha Jhulka, Ayub Khan, Inder Kumar and so on. After all, people have always been keeping information about successful stars of recent times, but there are some stars who have shown their talent in the past time but now forgotten. Thus, this time we brought yet another forgotten stars of Bollywood and that is none other than Kumar Gaurav.

Once upon a time in Bollywood, Kumar Gaurav was a famous star of Bollywood. His charm is still making women restless. However, the actor is now forgotten and been away from the limelight. But when won’t let you forget him.

Thus, here we bring some interesting facts about the star of late 80’s Kumar Gaurav –

  • People have been knowing Kumar Gaurav since many years, but his real name is Manoj Tuli. He is a son of late jubilee Kumar of Bollywood, Rajendra Kumar.
  • Many of you don’t know that Kumar Gaurav had rejected to work with Mandakini as he didn’t want work with news actresses then.
  • Kumar Gaurav and Sanjay Dutt are related to each other. Kumar Gaurav got married to Sanjay’s younger sister Namrata Dutt.

  • During the shooting of his first film, Love Story, Kumar Gaurav had come close to his co-star Vijayta Pandit. Reports were also stating that Kumar had allegedly been in a relationship with Vijayta.

  • When Kumar’s father Rajendra Kumar got to know about his relationship with Vijayta, he sudden opposed it as he was not willing to accept her as a Bahu of Kumar family.
  • As per the reports, Raj Kapoor had taken a proposal of his daughter Rima for Kumar. However, papa Rajendra refused this proposal too.
  • Kumar and Namrata have two daughters Saachi and Siya. Saachi is married to Kamal Amrohi’s grandson, Bilal Amrohi.

  • Many of us don’t know that Kumar Gaurav has worked in Hollywood film. He has worked in an American film, Guiana 1838.
  • Kumar Gaurav is now a well-known businessman.
  • Kumar Gaurav’s nickname is Bunty.

Here are some of the famous songs of Kumar Gaurav