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Bollywood’s Forgotten Stars: 10 bold facts about Maya Memsaab – Deepa Sahi


Bollywood film industry is nothing but a gamble of struggling as well as successful actors. However, there are a few stars in the industry who have experienced moderate success in their career but as time passed their popularity came to an end.

In Bollywood, there were actresses like Sheeba, Kimi Katkar and others, who have experienced success but failed to make an impact on audiences for much time. However, there is one bold actress in the industry who has not only tasted success but also left a huge impact on the audiences. Yes, we are talking about none other than a bold actress of the 90s, Deepa Sahi.

Deepa Sahi is a well-known actress of the 90s, but despite having superb acting skills, the actress is nowadays known for her bold appearances in the films. Now, the actress has become one of the forgotten stars of Bollywood. But as you all know, we won’t let you forget her, as we have brought some bold facts about Maya Memsaab actress, Deepa Sahi.

Take a look –

  • Deepa Sahi was born in Dehradun in an Army background and is the youngest sibling in her family. Deepa likes to live on her own terms.
  • As we mentioned that Deepa Shahi likes to love on her own terms. When her family shifted to Canada, she preferred to live in India and continued her studies here.

  • Deepa is very much educated. She pursued her education at Indraprastha College for Women. You won’t believe that Deepa was a gold medalist in Sociology from Delhi School of Economics.
  • After pursuing graduation in Sociology, Deepa wanted to be the director. For that, she joined the National School of Drama. However, acting came like a miracle into her kitty.

  • During NSD days, Deepa was receiving acting offers due to her good looks. Thus, Deepa shifted her focus to acting and made her screen debut from the film Party (1984), directed by Govind Nihalani.

  • Apparently, Deepa Sahi had decided to direct her first film Nana Karte Pyaar with Nana Patekar and Hema Malini. However, due to recession period, it failed to take off.

  • Deepa has done many popular films like Aghaat, Hum, Dushman and so on. However, Deepa will always be known for her role in Maya Memsaab opposite Shah Rukh Khan. For Maya Memsaab, Deepa had given her first nude scene with Shah Rukh Khan. At that point of time, the nude scene between SRK and Deepa had created lot of headlines. For Maya Memsaab, Deepa won the National Award (Jury),
  • Deepa started off with theatre, with strong Leftist leanings and social activism a core value of the productions she was involved with.

  • Many of us don’t know that Deepa Sahi not only acted in Oh Darling! Yeh Hai India but also she has written the screenplay for the film.

  • Deepa is married to popular filmmaker Ketan Mehta. The couple are now helping each other in their films.