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Bollywood tweets luck to Ranveer and Vaani on the release of Befikre!


Mumbai: The Aditya chopra directed movie ‘Befikre’ was hit theater yesterday starer a naughty and befikre boy Ranveer Singh and sweet girl Vaani Kapoor. The movie shot in Paris within shots of 50 days. The location in movie was Yash Raj film style, romantic trip and many more. The movie also teaches you a how to speak in the Parisian mother tongue and French kiss!

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Befikre has been made on a more than budget of Rs. 70 crores that includes cost of Production of Rs. 55 crores and Print and Publicity Rs. 15 crores.

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On twitter, Bollywood celeb’s congratulate Ranveer Singh and Vaani kapoor, here are