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Bollywood heroes help the girl child


Wedding Pulav actress Anushka Ranjan, daughter of Bollywood actors Anu and Sashi Ranjan, has decided to take the pledge to make it a better place for girl children acid attacked victims and many underprivileged girls through her Beti campaign.

Many Bollywood actors like Varun Dhawan, SoorajPancholi, Vaani Kapoor have come out to support this cause. “In our still nascent phase at Beti we have extended an arm to help arranging the money to facilitate restorative operations on children and women we took under our wing–acid attack victims, children who have been abused, rape victims and many more in need of rehabilitation. Still, this is just the beginning for us and we have a long way ahead in our crusade against atrocities on women. But all the same, it humbles us no end in stating the fact we have been able to elicit huge support & goodwill from all across, be it big time celebrities or the layman out there,” Anushka says.

There will also be a fashion show of Beti, to help take this cause a step higher. The show will be held this month.