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Bollywood has stereotyped me, says Tannishtha Chatterjee


Tannishtha Chatterjee is one the few actresses who is known for doing unconventional cinema. Her films have been critically acclaimed around the globe but in spite of versatility, Bollywood has not been able into her full acting potential.“There is a long way for me to be tapped, Bollywood has always been in its own bubble,” divulges Tannishtha.

The 37-year-old actress adds that Bollywood has typecast her as a serious actor but is consciously trying to show her fun side with more light-hearted films. “Bollywood has stereotyped me. I was talking to Farah Khan the other day, telling her I would like to be part of her films. And she says you have the reverse stereotyping, a lot of actresses who start off with commercial cinema want to do serious roles and you want to do something completely meaningless,” she says.

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“They look at me in a particular way and keep casting me in the same way. In the past few years, I have tried to change that perception. I just don’t want to be stuck doing the same roles again and again, I don’t care about the genre of films,” Tannishtha adds.

The ‘Parched’ actress also talked about venturing into the grey space which her character in the academy nominated ‘Lion’. “It was role that was specially written for me and I was very happy as I have never played a negative role. I was a bit apprehensive as I thought that I don’t look evil but Director Garth Davis told me that evil doesn’t necessarily have to look evil. I loved playing the role. It was a very small role but not an out and out negative and I have loved playing such kinds of roles,” exclaims Tannishtha who has worked in films such as ‘Unindian’, ‘Brick Lane and ‘Shadows of Time’.

After a hiatus of two years the actress is returned to Bollywood with ‘Monsoon Shootout’ starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Vijay Verma in the lead role. While the film has received rave reviews at the Cannes films festival, it was unable to find any takers in India and hence was released after a delay of over four years. Which is why the film is not being promoted by Nawaz, who is busy shooting ‘Scared Games’. “We shot this films a while back and since then we all have moved on. It is not that we didn’t believe in the film, we all are busy in our schedule, were not being able to give the time,” she says.