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Bollywood Damsels speak about their Diwali plans


It is the festival of lights, it is the festival of good and our gorgeous Goddess’ of Bollywood want to send a message to all their beloved fans through us…

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Tamannaah Bhatia:

This Diwali I am going to spend time with my family. Like every year we will go to Mahalakshmi temple in the night after all the poojas are done and seek blessings of goddess Mahalaxmi.

I had stopped bursting crackers at a young age when I discovered how those crackers were made using child labour and also understood how it caused harm to the environment.

I would like to appeal to everyone that this diwali please avoid crackers as much as you can, make an eco- friendly one with colors and happiness. Keep spreading love and be safe.

Happy & Safe Diwali to all.

  Evelyn Sharma:c-glam-anchor-3c

There was a message I received recently, saying we should try to make it a special day for those who aren’t as fortunate as us. As you are aware of my initiate Seams for Dreams which raises funds towards social causes and gives our surplus to those who would be happy with it. Buy a little extra sweets and pass it to your maid. That could be a start…

Madhuri Dixit:c-glam-anchor-4d

 Being a mother of two naughty boys, it is really heart-warming when i hear them wanting to do something to spread awareness of the health hazards that come with firecrackers and noise pollution etc… so i want to tell all to have fun this diwali but spend a eco-friendly diwali.

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Bipasha Basu :c-glam-anchor-1a

This is the first Diwali since my wedding and I want to have a blast with my friends and family. I really hope you all too enjoy yourselves but be safe. Eat the yummies but stay healthy. There are many who get into gambling and such, I have not really got a taste of it, but yes I want to enjoy having all my loved ones near me.