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Bollywood classic revisited! 7 intriguing facts about original Ittefaq, a splendid suspense thriller


Upcoming Bollywood movie Ittefaq starring Sidharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha is a remake of the 1969 classic of the same name. The original movie starred Rajesh Khanna. It was directed by Yash Chopra and was produce by his brother B R Chopra. As we still have to wait for a few days to catch the remake of ‘Ittefaq’ on the silver screen, goes down memory lane, and finds out some interesting facts about the original film.

Ittefaq movie is a remake of 1965 American film Signpost to Murder, which had earlier been adapted into a Gujarati drama Dhummas starring Sarita Joshi.

It was shot in a short period of 28 days and released in a period of three months which was a record in itself, at the time.

It is one of few Bollywood movies that did not have any singing or dancing in it.

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The movie was 1 hour 45 minute duration and it was among the first few movies in India which did not have any interval in it.

Rajesh Khanna had earned just a month’s salary of Rs 2,000, plus Rs 500 as allowance, for Ittefaq

Ittefaq was actually triggered by an emergency of sorts. Chopra was directing Aadmi Aur Insaan at the time when the heroine, Saira Banu, fell ill and had to be rushed to England for treatment. The unit was left waiting

 For the male lead, they first pursued Shashi Kapoor, but he was busy with Abhinetri. Khanna had just then been discovered by United Producers