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Bollywood celebrities talk about lessons learnt in 2017, and hope for a better 2018


Every year brings with it, its own set of challenges and difficulties which when overcome, can be a great learning for all of us. As we prepare to turn over our calendar, get ready to celebrate the New Year and welcome 2018 with a bang, NIKITA WADHAWAN talks to some Bollywood celebrities about what important lessons life taught them in 2017 and how do they envision the coming year?

Ankita Bhargava

2017 has been a year full of travel which has helped me learn a lot about people from various countries and their culture. I have also learnt to be more patient as well. In 2018, I hope to do good content as an actor. I want to focus more on theatre and films. I also want to start up my own little venture very soon. Fingers crossed!!

Karan Oberoi

I am nothing but evolution! So each day and every interaction brings in new lessons. There was no great voila moment as such in 2017 that could be a specific lesson, other than the pursuit and endeavour to be good person which I hope to carry to the next year. I sincerely hope no bad or ugly experiences change my core to desire to be a good human being. And love, adulation, fame, success, money and peace of mind would be nice too for 2018.

Bidisha Ghosh

I’ve always been a person very eager to please. 2017 has taught me that you cannot make everyone happy, no matter how genuine your intentions, there will always be people who will not like you. I have made peace with that and no longer try hard to please. Also learnt that hard work and persistence pays off eventually. In 2018, work wise, I see myself keeping in touch with friends and family more directly and not via social media.

Mithun Purandare

2017 has been an educational year. One of the things that I learnt is that not to go by people’s word. Go by their actions.  2018 is going to be the year of positivity and productivity towards all my work and all other aspects of life.

Sherlyn Chopra

2017 has been a highly blissful year for me. I feel healthier, look cuter and sexier than ever before. Life is incredibly amazing as I practise being more and more at ease and at peace with the flow of life. I’m already claiming 2018 as a phenomenal year; mentally, spiritually and financially.

Tanuj Virwani

It has been a year of insane highs as well as some harsh lows. ‘Inside Edge’ gave my career a big boost but I also lost two of my beloved dogs. This year I bought my first car with my own money and I went through a bad break up. While my name became synonymous with Vayu Raghavan, I had a terrible injury pertaining to my knee. All this has made me a much stronger individual and has helped strengthen my mental muscle for the coming year. Maybe 2018 will be a year of glorious uncertainties. Bring it on!

Mohit Malik

2017 has tapped my potential in ways u never thought. I became an entrepreneur with my two cafes Home Made cafe and now 1 BHK. It’s been a very satisfying year. In 2018, I wish to get back on television and films which is my first love and cannot wait to face cameras again. I wish for something as good and exciting to come my way. Work work and more work bring it on 2018.

Sharman Joshi

In 2017 I’ve been really busy and it’s been one of my best years. In 2018, I want to spend more time with family, I also want some ‘me time’ and want to be better planner. And yes I wish get more work, good returns and lots of love from fans.

Neha Marda

In 2017, I have gained the power of being patient with my failures and learnt that I am not weak, but the time is weak. In 2018, I am hoping to be more spiritually connected, helpful and spread love not because I can but because it’s my responsibility for my soul to be well kept. I would try to achieve but not chase. And not ask god for anything materialistic but only power and patience to deal with the situation.

Sneha Wagh

2017 was a year of learning for me. It taught me to move forward with life and taught me to be myself. In 2018, I want to implement everything I learned. And lead the New Year with open heart and mind.

Sshrey Pareek

Every day is a lesson for me. But I feel there is a lot more than I can still learn from this year. There is something that has been left undone which I will complete next year. My expectations from 2018 are huge. Next year, I want to make sure I do at least one film.

Hrishikesh Pandey

I don’t expect too much not from a year or people. What I believe in is that we have to work hard to achieve anything and when you work hard there’s nothing that is impossible in life. In the previous year also, there were ups and downs where work is concerned. In 2018, I just want to keep going, be occupied and live life. I am going to travel more and live for myself.

Gunjan Utreja

The most important lesson I have gained in 2017 is that your health is your life. We take our body for granted and forget to take care of it. I have made a resolution that I will put my health above anything else in this world. I believe that I will make 2018 a year full of personal and professional growth. I aim to make the coming year much better than any past years and do my utmost best in all areas of life.

Romit Raj

The important lesson of 2017 is to keep moving ahead with the change in the entertainment industry. My expectation for 2018 is to act in films, short films and digital series.

Gavie Chahal

Life is unpredictable. I lost my father this year and it taught me a great lesson that nothing is permanent. Focus on your work and keep moving on in your life. May God grace the world with humanity and peace in 2018.

Saurabh Pandey

2017 will always remain special to my wife and me because we got married in this year. It taught us that life is not easy. It is a roller coaster and that’s also the fun part of life. We have grown into a mature and a better version of ourselves for one another. 2018 is like a blank board. We hope to get into it with a bang and do well in life, work and for the world.

Samiksha Bhatnagar

I believe, every day is a new lesson, if you want to learn. However, if I have to mention the single most important lesson I’ve learned this year, then it will be to have faith that your efforts will be rewarded. My expectations in 2018 are more around learning new things and embracing the change. I feel the only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn.

Vivian Dsena

I gained lot of wisdom in 2017 and got new perspectives on everything in life. In 2018, I will take each day as it comes. I don’t plan much and that helps me live each day to its fullest.

Ssharad Malhotraa

I got new insights into human relationships and got to do some short films and music video in 2017, which was different experience. In 2018, I am expecting some unique and new developments in career and I would surely be exploring new avenues. I am expecting more stability and growth in all spheres of life.

Sanjay Suri

As time passes by, we come closer to a new reality, the present becomes past and this too shall pass. For me, a year doesn’t matter, it’s just a mathematical milestone given to us so memory has a task to do. I try to observe, learn and unlearn every day in the moment and hope to keep exploring new moments that take me on an inward journey which actually takes me beyond.

Ashmit Patel

2017 has been a year of self-reflection and introspection. It’s just towards the end of this year that I have realised the importance and meaning of ‘self-love’. Being a person who is very emotional and giving, I more often than not put myself last. I’ve now realised that it’s something that has to change by making myself the priority. While I will still continue being loving, giving and compassionate towards other people, in 2018, I will not forget to put myself in that list and that too right on top.

Evelyn Sharma

In my case the year 2017 was really a good one. Of course, I experienced my own set of challenges but thankfully, my family and friends were my backbone, ensuring I stay optimistic and motivated. I worked on a lot of interesting projects that were a turning point in my career. I got to explore myself in a lot of different genres and got the opportunity to play some really good characteristic roles. In 2018, I just hope it is as positive and eventful as 2017 was. I am really looking forward to have a great year and also really excited for my next movie ‘Jack & Dil’. I hope to receive the same appreciation and love I had received for my earlier ventures.