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Body double used for Headey’s nude scene in ‘Game Of Thrones’


Game Of Thrones

Los Angeles: Actress and model Rebecca Van Cleave was used as a body double for Lena Headey, who is currently pregnant with her second child, for the shooting of Headey’s harrowing “walk of shame” in the “Game Of Thrones” season five finale. Cleave’s image was used in the full-frontal nude shots of the fifth season’s finale episode, when Headey’s disgraced character Queen Regent Cercei Lannister, was humiliated by walking naked down the streets of King’s Landing to atone for her crimes.

“Lena was so good about walking beside me and guiding me into what Cersei was thinking and the movements. We were playing tag team… and trying to make light of the fact we’re all covered in everything and going through this together,” Van Cleave told Headey, who has appeared nude on camera in the past, later had her head super-imposed on lookalike Van Cleave’s body thanks to some seamless computer graphics.