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Blackbuck Poaching Case: Is Salman Khan getting special treatment in Jodhpur central jail?


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Salman Khan has been convicted in blackbuck poaching case and got 5 years in jail. His lawyers are trying to get him a bail from the court but they failed yesterday and today they succeeded. But there is something else which is catching people’s eye, according to India Today report, the actor is getting a VIP treatment inside the jail. Salman was provided the air-conditioned room on his first night in jail, the room has multiple TV sets. He was also provided a cooler in his cell.

Media reports also say that Salman was allowed to have his own cigarette. Jail officials are repeatedly giving the star a special treatment in the jail. Their family members are visiting the jail an taking selfies with Salman and even jail personnel are the part of selfie frenzy, says the report.

Talking about the visitors apart from his lawyers, sister Alvira and Arpita, on Friday, Salman Khan met with his bodyguard Shera and former co-star Preity Zinta.

According to Republic report, Shera and Preity Zinta visited after the visiting timings were over. The time to visit visitors in Jodhpur’s central jail on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday are from 4 pm to 6 pm. Sunday visiting hours are from 9 am to 11 am and then from 2 pm to 4 pm. Preity Zinta and Shera met Salman Khan on Friday.

And according to rules visitors vehicles are not allowed in the premises, but Preity Zinta’s car was allowed in the premises.

“Despite jail authorities denying any kind of special treatment meted out to Salman, the court should take cognizance,” said Ram Nivas Dhoru to DNA, secretary of the Bishnoi Tiger force.

Such incidents raise questions over the police and jail personnel, how a celebrity is treated in the jail and how a common people have to wait for two to three hours just to visit their friend and family member.